The Toronto Hunt (Scarborough, Kingston Road just west of Warden)

This obvious benefit for OVIG members within easy traveling distance
of Toronto, is for 1 foursome (consisting of no more than 2 OVIG members and
2 playing coaches) to golf after 4:00 pm on Mondays (no other time).
Non-playing coaches are also welcome. There is no cost for this privilege,
unless a power cart is required.
- To avoid possible complications, the "ONLY" contact person will be:
Iona Gherasim Tel: 416-425-0397
(OVIG members should leave messages on Iona's voice-mail at this number)
- When wishing to schedule a round at The Toronto Hunt, an OVIG member
must contact Iona by the Wednesday of the week preceding the week they would
like to play (earlier is better). In general, she will book on a
"first-come-first-serve" basis. However, OVIG members may not be allowed
frequent bookings if there are requests from members who have not yet been
able to take advantage of this opportunity. You may feel free to ask Iona
any additional questions about playing at The Toronto Hunt.
- This opportunity will likely start in late May. It should be
noted that OVIG membership cards can be, and have been, requested by The
Toronto Hunt staff prior to play. Therefore, it is recommended that those
playing at The Hunt keep their membership cards handy when they check in at
the Pro-shop before their rounds.