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Welcome to OVIG

What is blind golf?

Golf is a sport which can be played by anyone regardless of age, gender, physical ability or disability. Most people will think it is essential to have good eyesight to play golf but that is not true. Totally blind and severely visually impaired golfers, with the assistance of their coaches are able to enjoy the friendship and exercise the game provides.

About OVIG

OVIG, Ontario Visually Impaired Golfers is a Chapter of the Canadian Council of the Blind that exists to bring blind and visually impaired people in Ontario together to learn and play the game of golf. We believe that golf is a sport/activity in which blind and visually impaired people can fully participate, thereby realizing social, physical and psychological benefits. As a charitable organization, we organize and subsidize specialized instruction and opportunities to play.

What are we all about? Watch this short video to find out: OVIG Video

2017 Canadian Open Blind Golf Championships

Check out some videos of the event here:

Blind Golfers Sink Putts

Blind Golfers Prepare for COBG

King's Forest Hosts COBG

Camaraderie Tees Up At COBG

Becoming Involved

If you are visually impaired and you would like to play golf or learn to play, then consider becoming a New Member of OVIG.

If you would like to volunteer to coach a visually impaired golfer, then you should become a New Associate Member.

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